VacationYesterday, I spent a portion of the day baby proofing my house.

Pretty much, all the electrical sockets have a baby proof piece of plastic insert. Many of the kitchen and bathroom floor level cabinets have those baby latches. And some of the drawers have those clamps, as shown in the picture above.

I also purchased two baby gates. One I hooked up already and it works well, the other, I am not too sure about. The other goes at the top of the stairs and it has to be done right. But the way my stairs are, it just doesn’t seem this or any will work right. So I need to figure out a different solution, maybe a less optimal solution, but a safe solution.

We also spent money on one of those diaper genie types of cans. I don’t like to air my family’s dirty laundry, but at a certain age, those “poop” diapers really smell bad, really.

In any event, it is amazing watching kids grow – a lot of fun and joy.

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  1. David Wallace

    Isn’t it amazing how much “proofing” has to be done to protect babies? We watch out two grandbabies 2-3 times a week and often they are here overnight.

    I have locks on most kitchen cabinets, two gates to keep them in kitchen/family room area of house, outlet protectors, I put a lock on pantry so they can’t get in, I use plastic wrench from their ‘Handy Manny’ toolset to lock side by side fridge and if that ain’t enough, I have this baby fence around our big screen to keep them away from that.

  2. Josh

    It seems as soon as one part of the house is ‘baby proof’ within another month our son discovers something else. The stairs were tricky. Though I’m sure you researched this, but they do make baby gate specifically for stairs. I really miss when all I had to do was place my son on my chest and he’d fall asleep in no time. Not so easy now lol. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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