Full disclosure: This iPhone app is an app we built for a client…

Back in December, we launched an iPhone app for a client named WorldLive Mobile. The app was focused around compiling and aggregating the Tweets and MySpace feeds of their favorite HipHop stars. It not only showed you these feeds, but also hooked up to the iTunes Music Store, the artist’s web sites, their Facebook and MySpace pages, included their YouTube channels and had concert dates and listings.

The app literally rocks. It has a sweet coverflow like interface with tons of ways to customize the artists you love. It gives you an easy way to stay on top of your favorite Hip Hop artists. You can download it for free and it is named WorldLive Hip Hop.

Since then, we released three more apps that work in a similar fashion but for different areas. For example, we released WorldLive Country, WorldLive Pop and WorldLive Hollywood. So Country and Pop are similar to Hip Hop, but the Hollywood is obviously focused on TV and movie stars.

Here are some pictures of each app:

WorldLive Pop:

WorldLive Pop

WorldLive Hollywood:

WorldLive Hollywood

WorldLive Country:

WorldLive Country

WorldLive Hip Hop:

WorldLive HipHop

All these apps for free and I would really appreciate it if you would download it and give me feedback.

Download them at:

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