Circular SawOn Friday, we had new carpeting installed in our home. I came home to find out that the closet door in the hallway would no longer open.

The carpeting was above the bottom of the door so it simply couldn’t open. The carpeting guys did not tell a newish home owner that the door had to be trimmed down to allow it to open. It was obvious to them.

Lucky me, I have a brother with power tools and a circular saw. I took the door of its hinges, put the door in my wife’s large car and took it to my brother’s basement – where he has a workshop type of area.

My brother then showed me how the circular saw worked and I went at it.

I snipped off about an inch from the bottom of the door. Honestly, it wasn’t a straight line, so maybe an inch on one side and 1.5 inches on the other, with a small incline as you go across the door. But that is really not noticeable when you look at the door.

The bottom line – the hallway closet door now opens even with the carpeting.

Mission accomplished!

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  1. Table Saw

    You really could have used a table saw there…make your life a lot easier. But if you have to do that again, try this:

    Take a 2×4 (or any straight edge) and clamp it to the door so that when the saw is in place, it will cut the desired amount off. Make sure that the 2×4 is straight using a level. Then all you have to do it run the saw against the 2×4 to get a straight cut.

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