Slow MotionDuring my teen years, I pretty much spent all my time around basketball. I was a die hard ball player. They called me a “gym rat” because during our 10 minute breaks between clases in High School, I was one of those who ran to the gym to shoot around for 9 minutes. When I wasn’t playing ball, I was watching Michael Jordan play ball. In short, I was really into basketball.

I was pretty good also. Which is why I am writing this blog post. By “pretty good”, I base that off being in a pretty popular but yet Jewish school. So although it was top for Jewish basketball, I am sure it was on no level to public school competition. That being said, for my competition in my school, I was pretty up there. Okay, back to the title of this post.

Last night, I was playing basketball – I absolutely stink now, by the way. And I had one of those slow motion moments. You know, where you have the ball, and either see or anticipate a hole opening up (either for a driving lane or a sweet pass). I saw it last night. I don’t remember seeing that slow motion moment in years, maybe close to five plus years.

I had the ball at the top of the key (~ foul line for those who don’t speak basketball) and I saw some movement amongst the players. Things just slowed down. Ultimately, I did not end up using the hole or lane because one of the players stopped his movements and the opportunity left – but for a brief second, it was there.

Why am I blogging this? Well, I don’t know when or even if I will ever see that slow motion effect again in my life. So I figured, as a blogger, I’d blog it and keep it here so I can reference that.

Keep in mind, seeing things in slow motion when I played ball as a teenager was several times a day. After experiencing last night for just a brief second, it reminds me that I miss it. It is hard to describe the feeling, but it made me smile.

Chime in if you know what I am talking about…

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  1. israelbro

    sounds to me like someone’s messing with the water cooler in RustyBrick. Some funny mushrooms maybe?

  2. Jayson

    I know what you’re talking about. I think you had them frequently when you were “at the top of your game” because you knew what to look for and what “that big break” would look like.

    Play basketball, practice it, and get competitive – “slow mo” will come back often.

  3. Robin

    For me it’s not the slo mo thing, but the weather. The minute it gets somewhat warm outside, I get the urge to run outside and play basketball with every free minute that I’ve got. My teenage years sounds scarily similar to yours.

  4. Barry Schwartz

    @israelbro if I had your lack of bball skills, I would have said the same thing. 😉

    @jayson doubt I will be getting competitive again, I have different priorities now. 🙂

    @robin I don’t have that urge, likely due to the priorities.

  5. Me

    Haha, I came across your blog while I was searching for ways to train this kind of perception… mostly hocus-pocus garbage out there but I’m glad other people have experienced it. I love hoops too and I have experiences just like yours, but only when I am playing for hours.

    One classic experience I remember vividly comes from my days doing competitive martial arts. I sidestepped around some guy and the moment his momentum swung him past me, everything started moving in slow motion. I was behind him and I felt like I was back there for like 20 minutes. I actually was frozen and didn’t take the point because I was so disoriented.

  6. Zayaboi

    Well im14 for u young guys like me also the old ones too…..”slo-mo” has happens to me a couple of time no morelike ally of time one time I was playin kick ball and I turned around and saw the path of the ball as it came hurling at me andi jumped over it also another time I was playin ball and my sences told me to turn Round and right when I did I ball came hurling toward me it was stuck in mid air for a couple second cause when I reacted was when it started goin again that when the ball sail over my back as I spun forward and ducked…..countless othertimes too….but I think these are gifts it the power of bullet time we should master these powers and choose to use them for good or evil….become a hero a real life super hero

  7. I have

    I have had this experience, it was like I could think 4 times faster- and my bodies movement lagged but was remarkably easy to control. It was really like seeing at around 250-300 frames per second, I did not feel like my thoughts were slow though.

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