The Next Justin Bieber? Shlomputz

Let me introduce you to the next Justin Bieber. His name is Shlomo Schwartz, but his alias (or whatever musicians call it) is ShlomputZ. His web site is at and here is a sample song: Okay, so we play basketball together. We have for the past few years or so. Last night, after the


Should Apple & Facebook Fan Boys Protest?

Apple is going after Gizmodo (see here) for blogging about the new iPhone. It gets complicated but basically, it just looks bad. Some are calling for a boycott of Apple products. Facebook released new privacy features that really leaves most Facebook users open in terms of their privacy really not being protected. Many are deactivating

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Are Bathroom Signs Sexist?

I was looking at the bathroom sign on the way to the bathroom today and although it was not as funny as the bathroom sign in Israel that I saw, it made me think. Do pant-wearing women find bathroom signs discriminating? Or to skirt-wearing men find bathroom signs discriminating? Or am I just an insensitive


Jobs Can Really Hold The Ten Commandments In His Hands

There are tons of pictures depicting Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, holding the iPad(s) in his hands as if he were moses holding the tablets (ten commandments) in his hands. Yesterday, we launched the iPad Torah, so now technically, Jobs can hold the ten commandments in his hands. For a bit of a fun

Just Interesting

The Jury Duty Selection Lucky Wheel

So, Ronnie is now sitting in Jury Duty selection and he is keeping me updated on his chances of being selected. So far, about half were sent home, but he is still there. They are now randomly selecting people to interview based on the spin of this Jury Selection Wheel. I asked Ronnie to take


Fake News Articles As Ad Spam

On Saturday, I received a small envelop in the mail. The envelop did not have a return address, but it looked like one of those small personal letter envelops and it was hand written to me. So I opened it. It had a post it note on it said, “Barry, I think you’ll enjoy this.


Thank A Blogger

Yesterday, I did something I don’t always do. I sent an email to a blogger and writer in the industry, thanking him for all his hard work. I blog a lot on search – a lot. I rarely get emails thanking me. But when I do, it does mean a lot. In the past, people


Even My Parents & In-Laws Can Use An iPad

I am sure most of you have seen the video of the 100-year-old using and loving the iPad. If not, I posted it below. Point being – hey – mom and in-laws, you can figure it out to. Of course, they will reply to me and say – buy it for me as a present

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I Can Drop Google From The Index, Really

I really can drop Google from THE index. By “the” index, I mean from Foursquare‘s index. Foursquare gave me “superuser” rights as a way for me to update RustyBrick’s information on their system. But that also gave me full rights to update any venue’s information on Foursquare, including Google NYC, which I have been to


Messy Electric Closet & Outages

Yesterday, in the office, we were having weird internet issues and also outages on our phones. It actually has been up and down for past few days. I finally called the cable company to complain. But my complaint only happened after we had a scheduled 1.5 hour conference call that dropped about 5 times, and