As some of you remember, I have been baby proofing my house recently. I purchased the Kidco G20 hardware mount for the top of the steps, but found out later, I need to get an extension for it. So BabiesRUs and other stores didn’t have it, but Amazon does, so I ordered it from there.

It happened to be shipped from a company called Home Naturals. It arrived this week and let me show you how it came.

Home Naturals Ships via UPS

The box is barely on the gate, I mean, it looks like it is hanging off the gate. Typically, when these things are shipped, they are placed in a box, and then in another box. Here, it looks like this was from the back of the stock room. I didn’t open it yet, so I hope all the pieces are in there. If not, I have this picture to show Amazon or whomever.

It was shipped via UPS, but I highly doubt UPS did this to the box. I get UPS deliveries all the time and never saw anything like this.

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  1. Jacob Maslow

    UPS rarely bangs up boxes, but it does happen. Most companies don’t double box non-fragile items (like hardware) especially if its odd sized.

    Oddly shaped boxes costs a couple of bucks. Amazon takes a 15% commission and only the lowest priced seller on amazon gets the sale. The more you can cut costs, the better your success on Amazon.

  2. Daniel


    I ordered a Kidco gate off of and my box was damaged as well. When I spoke with amazon, they said the gate was fulfilled by amazon. Amazon actually shipped out the gate and they normally don’t re-box large or oversize items. Amazon ended up sending me a replacement, but the replacement order was damaged as well. It’s not Home Naturals fault, it’s Amazon’s fault since they merely slap a label on the outside.

    When I looked at the other Kidco gates, they were also sold by Home Naturals but fulfilled by Amazon. That means Amazon warehouses the items, Home Naturals does not actually ship the products. Just look out for the difference.

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