Woot is the one deal a day web site, but sometimes they do “woot offs” that sell out items throughout a single day. I was lucky enough to purchase what is known as the B.O.C., also known as the Woot Bag of Crap. They sell out in seconds and I beat out Alex, who is a veteran Woot Bag of Crap owner, by seconds to successfully order it, while he was shut out this time.

What did I get? Well, Alex got even cooler stuff, but I did get the High School Musical Decal Wall Clock, a Woot T-Shirt, a Daiwa bag and Plantronics Gaming Headset. Here are pictures of me decked out with my Woot BOC.

Woot Bag of Crap Woot Bag of Crap

Joe was particularly interested in the Daiwa women’s bag:

Woot Bag of Crap

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