jewish pizzaMost people really do like Pizza, I do and I am sure you do also. But do you love pizza that much where you would spend close to $1,000 for a pie? Probably not.

But as you know, it was just Passover and that means, no bread and clearly no genuine pizza. People crave Pizza the whole Passover and wait to eat it. So when Passover was over, this Tuesday night at about 9pm (EST), people ran out to get a slice of Pizza.

In fact, YNet, a big Israeli news site, reported that pizza deliveries rose 38% the night after Pesach (Passover). In Israel Passover was over Monday night, YNet reported:

The website measured the food delivery orders as of 7:30 pm, when the holiday ended. According to its report, the sharpest increase – of about 50% – was recorded in the pizza arena, while hamburger orders saw a 30% rise.

The yearning for leavened food appeared to be bigger than last year, as deliveries were up 20% on Monday night compared to the end of Passover 2009.

It appears that Israelis’ biggest craving was for pizza. The Domino’s Pizza chain reported selling 90 pizzas a minute from 5:30 pm Monday.

Domino’s Pizza is not kosher here in the States, I don’t think – but I guess some chains in Israel are?

Clearly, Jews want their Pizza after Pesach. Personally, I never had a slice of pizza on the night after Pesach. The last place I want to be is a pizza store at that time. But a lot of people not only go for the food, but to say they had a slice that night. Kind of like waiting on line for an iPhone or iPad, I guess.

Now, charities are smart – they use this as a means of auctioning off the first and second pies. Here is an example of a pie going for over $700 and here is another example.

Pretty crazy. I wonder what non-Jews think of this?

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  1. RB_WesleyR

    I’d compare it to giving up red meat for lent (which my catholic school used to ‘encourage’). There’s that, and that whole ‘junk food has been proven to be addictive’ thing going on. Gotta get that fix!

  2. @erezson

    Most of the Dominos branches in Israel are not kosher.

    The crave for hametz at the end of passover is unbelievable.

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