I’m An Evil Boss: Working On Memorial Day

I saw a tweet from one of the RB employees, here it is: RB gets the parking lot to ourselves on memorial day. than a minute ago via TweetDeckw.d. radcliffesquigiliwams As you can see, I am evil. What type of employer would make his employees work on Memorial Day?! Well, honestly, it is their


Continental, Running Out Of Time For Inflight Internet

Continental, I have flown a lot of miles with you and all of those miles were Internet (WiFi) free. I want Internet when I fly for over 3 hours – is that so much to ask? I’ll pay for it. I’d pay a lot for it. In December you announced that you would be offering


Oil Spill Video : So Sad

Via Google Blog and ResourceShelf a live video of the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. How sad: I hear today’s efforts to plug the leak is working. I saw it tweeted by a news network, forgot which one…


It Doesn’t Work! What Doesn’t Work? It! Oh, It Works…

My computer and software colleagues… How often to you get a phone call from customers, friends, family saying “it doesn’t work.” First you have to go through the painful process of figuring out what “it” means. You ask them, “what do you mean by it doesn’t work?” You try to figure out what software/hardware they


Better Cell Service Makes Me A Better Person

A week ago today, we installed an AT&T Microcell to help improve our AT&T service in the office. It had some issues earlier on but it has been solid for the past few days. Having five bars really makes me a better service. I no longer hear the annoying GSM buzz when my phone is


Getting To Parades Is No Fun

This is not a political post, I don’t talk politics here (😉). Every year there is a parade for Israel, which celebrates the anniversary of Israel’s Independence. Many countries have a parade for their independence in NYC, and Israel is no different. I believe Salute to Israel runs the event, by the way. Personally, I


Got Five Bars with AT&T

We just installed an AT&T MicroCell at RustyBrick and now I have five bars. How cool is this? Let me show you… Before: After: Both pictures were taken in the office, but one before MicroCell and one after.

Just Weird

Star Wars Original Filmcell Via Woot BOC 5/6/2010

I got my 3rd ever Woot BOC today, the one I ordered on 5/6/2010. It came with a bunch of garbage but it did contain a few interesting things, such as a Star Wars Episode One – The Phantom Menace Original Filmcell Limited Edition. It also came with a used 80GB hard drive, I need

Just Interesting

Why Do Non-Geeks Get Facebook While Geeks Don’t?

I have been trying to be good with how I use Facebook these days. Yea, I know all about the privacy issues, but I am really trying to use it as it should be used, but for marketing purposes. But after months of really using it, I still think it makes no sense. The user