I tweeted this, but heck, sitting waiting for my flight, so I broke out Photoshop to illustrate how I think Airlines should add Foursquare check ins to their flight status pages. I would love to know right on the flight status page, who else is in the airport that are my friends on Foursquare.

foursquare continental

Wonder which airline will do it first.

Flight status pages should include @Foursquare check ins 🙂less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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  1. mack

    This post kind of goes in circles…

    One of the main aspects of Foursquare is that you can open up the app (or the 4sq website) and see who has checked in to a given location.

    If they ever implemented the feature you’re describing, it would potentially divert users away from the Foursquare application/website. Why on earth would they want to do that?

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