United Airlines: Continental & United MergerLast time I was on a plane was a couple weeks ago and it was a Continental Airlines flight. I try to stick with Continental due to the points system, I also like their service and Newark is their hub and Newark isn’t too far from me.

So when I heard the news of the United / Continental Merger, I wasn’t surprised (due to rumors being out there for weeks) but I did want to know if the employeeswere indeed looking forward to the benefits of the merger:

Improved long-term career opportunities and enhanced stability by being part of a larger, financially stronger and more geographically diverse carrier.

I actually flew the morning when the official news came out, so as you can imagine, the employees were talking about it to each other. I could tell they were not happy. Eventually, a few of us in the front row were able to ask one of the flight attendants questions.

In short, they are not happy for a few reason:

(1) The unknown of any merger
(2) Will there be layoffs
(3) United has less pay and less benefits compared to Continental
(4) They love the company and are sad to see the name go
(5) Again, the unknown

I would be concerned also but the service that flight was excellent.

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