gogoContinental, I have flown a lot of miles with you and all of those miles were Internet (WiFi) free. I want Internet when I fly for over 3 hours – is that so much to ask? I’ll pay for it. I’d pay a lot for it.

In December you announced that you would be offering inflight Internet on some domestic flights by the second quarter 2010. Well, the second quarter of 2010 is about 30 days away and I have heard nothing about the inflight Internet coming anytime soon.

You said the service would be provided by Gogo Inflight Internet service. But if you look at the partner airlines page on the Gogo website, you see all your competitors but not you.

I know you hope to close your merger with United by fourth quarter of 2010 but that won’t happen. And I know United is listed as a partner with Gogo – so really hope you don’t wait for then.

Can we please get some sort of update on when Gogo is realistically coming to Continental flights? I suspect my flight to SMX Advanced next week will not have Internet onboard. But it would rock if it did.

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