I saw a tweet from one of the RB employees, here it is:

RB gets the parking lot to ourselves on memorial day. http://twitpic.com/1sru7zless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

As you can see, I am evil.

What type of employer would make his employees work on Memorial Day?!

Well, honestly, it is their option. They can work today and use it as another day in the future. We have floating holidays, as Jimmy described in his blog post named Why we work on holidays.

But that picture is classic, isn’t it?

Memorial Day Office Parking Lot

That is a small portion of the parking lot, the one at the back of the building. Typically, this area fills up first, as it is shaded from the building and uses the back entrance.

Update: Alex majorly kissed up at the RustyBrick blog with his RustyBrick employees don’t take holidays because websites don’t take holidays! The text and the video he posted is pretty entertaining…

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