My New Car: Lexus GS 350

Today, I picked up my new car – the car I bought on Twitter. Historically, my cars have been getting bigger and bigger. I have leased three Lexus automobiles in the past 9 years or so and each of those gradually got bigger and bigger. And I am a guy that likes small cars.

My first Lexus was when I was single and had little to no-expenses. I was driving a SC 430 convertible, which was extremely fast but also very small. Here is a picture:

Last 24 Hours with Lexus SC430 2005

I was sad to see that car go, but it was horrible in the snow. The next car, I made sure to get all-wheel drive. The car’s size grew, and the budget shrunk – I now was married with expenses and a new home. I got the IS 250, which is a nice car, still pretty small and peppy. Here is a picture (I do have some real ones but this looks nicer):

lexus is

So now I traded up a bit to the GS 350 AWD. I wasn’t planning on getting this car, but like I said, I saw a deal on Twitter, where I could hand in this car 6 months early at no cost, if I lease another Lexus. So I did. And the deal on the GS was just too good to pass up. I assume the deal was too good due to them being considered death mobiles – but hey – it’s worth it.

I guess you can say, I am a sucker for Lexus and new cars.

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