Via Google Blog and ResourceShelf a live video of the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

How sad:

I hear today’s efforts to plug the leak is working. I saw it tweeted by a news network, forgot which one…

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  1. Brian Mark

    What’s sad is that it took this long do actually come up with a plan that could be working. It’s been going on HOW long? Geez. The environmental damage isn’t worth driving SUV’s and gas guzzlers.

    I vote Tesla, and it was nice to see Toyota put some money in that direction last week.

  2. Vim

    I cant believe that oil is still leaking, Bps efforts in stopping this from happening is useless, there is already environmental damage happening and this just takes it to another level.

  3. Lovetta Marconi

    It really is worrying me what is happening in the gulf at the moment. I was reading in todays papers that if left unchecked the leak in the gulf could continue for another 2 years! I know we need oil for fertilisers, fuels plastics etc but i worry that we will see more and more disasters in the future like this one. Personally I tihnk it’s all too easy to pick BP as a scapegoat (regardess of any mistakes they made). Just like all other areas which involve human falacy mistakes happen, they are almost inevitable. The problem with deep water drilling is that the consequences are so high.

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