I Got My Second iPhone 4

Last night, the Apple Store called me and told me my “replacement iPhone was ready” and I can pick it up. So I ran over there a few hours later and picked up my second iPhone 4. I felt guilty while picking it up. There are many people out there really wanting a single iPhone


I Chipped My New iPhone 4!

On Friday, I was showing off my new iPhone 4, making all of you jealous of my Apple sweetness. I feel I had a right to, being that camped out for six hours to be one of the first to pick it up from the Apple Store. But then the unthinkable happened. I dropped it!

Daily Grind

Got My Quarterly Hair Cut

This morning I ran to the barber to get my quarterly hair cut. They always say the same thing to me – “it’s been a long time.” Yea, yea – I know – I make them work for the hair cut, but who has time! I sat down, said, as quickly as you can please.


Pictures Of My iPhone 4

It is weird saying iPhone 4. I had the original iPhone, it was called the iPhone. I then upgraded the year after to get the iPhone 3G, which makes sense – it supported the AT&T 3G network. Then the year after, I got the iPhone 3GS, so they made is faster, add an S for


My invisibleSHIELD For iPhone 4 Experience

In preparation for picking up the iPhone 4, I ordered the invisibleSHIELD For iPhone 4. It has been sitting on my desk for about a week, and yesterday, when I got the phone, I placed it on the iPhone 4. Actually, I ordered two, one for me and one for Ronnie, so I did it


iPhone Madness Over Past Few Days

My writers block was due to all the iPhone madness over the past fews days. In summary, on Tuesday, 3 of 6 of us who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 found out that the Apple Store did not have our reservations on file. They had us come to the store, with our pre-order confirmation emails and


Writers Block Due To Having Something To Write About

The thing is, I have something juicy to tell you all about but I can’t. Due to me having something I really really want to blog about – I simply cannot write about other things that are of lesser value. It feels like writer block, but without the block. You all know I can write

Just Weird

Intuit Spams Me On Twitter After Major Outage

For anyone who uses Inuit’s products, especially QuickBooks, you would have noticed they had a major outage with their online services yesterday. It first happened around 9am (EST) yesterday morning. I tried to send online invoices and accept some payments but was unable to due to the outage. At first, I received blank pages that