So, today is the big day. The iPhone Worldwide Developer Conference. Big news, very excited.

But while many are saying their early upgrade dates are now, mine was pushed from October of this year to February of 2011!

Yes, last week when I checked when I was able to upgrade for a “full discount,” AT&T told me it was October 20, 2010. Now, AT&T is telling me February 20, 2011. This is for a customer who has owned an iPhone July 11, 2007 and owned the new one every single year.

AT&T normally gives me a full discount for the new iPhone but I guess not this year. This year, instead, I get a “discounted iPhone upgrade at a higher price, along with a 2-year commitment and an $18 upgrade fee.” Or whatever that means.

AT&T iPhone Upgrade

Who knows, maybe they will surprise me. Either way, I am buying the new one.

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  1. Roger Dooley

    Strange wording to offer “a discounted iPhone upgrade at a higher price,” particularly the “higher price” part. I think phrasing it as an “attractive price” would convert better. Then again, maybe iPhone addicts don’t care. 🙂


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