I am nuts, I check to see if I can upgrade my iPhone 3GS, which I bought a year ago, like every day. On June 7th, AT&T moved my upgrade date from October 2010 to February 2011. I did not call and complain, I just did what any blogger would do and blogged it.

I was all set to spend the $399 or whatever it was to upgrade early, without being eligible for a two-year upgrade discounted price.

I logged in this morning and also dials *NEW# on my phone to double check… I am now qualified for a new iPhone 4 for the full discounted price of $199:

iPhone Upgrade Early! AT&T iPhone Upgrade

I am a bit concerned there is some sort of bug – but hey, I am so happy now!

Tomorrow is pre-order day – the big question I have is do I wait in line at a store (Apple Store or local Walmart) or have it delivered on June 24th?

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  1. SEO Aware - Melissa

    They have a video about it on YouTube. They are letting almost everyone (iPhone users) upgrade from what i have read on the net, but you HAVE to ask to keep you unlimited data plan. If they switch it you lose it forever! One reason why I won’t pre-order is that AT&T is famous for changing services when you buy new phones. I want to talk to a person and say leave my data plan alone!

    I am also hoping the phone isn’t glitchy. They are so willing to let us all have one… 😉

  2. Tom Robinson

    Not sure how it works in the US but if this is similar to O2 in UK then you have been pinpointed by AT&T as a high network data user.

    They offer you the upgrade so you sign up to a new contract which all looks very nice… but with no unlimited data available anymore you will be placed on the new contract which charges you for excessive data usage. Is it worth changing contracts?

    Read more…http://bit.ly/dvrDXQ

  3. Barry Schwartz

    @ Melissa, upgrading to the iPhone 4 will upgrade your contract and you will not be able to have the unlimited plan. Honestly, I may downgrade to the 200MB plan and save $15. Make sure to check your usage reports on AT&T to see if you can save some money.

    @Tom, not sure – but I am happy.

    When they upgraded some early adopters a week or two ago and I wasn’t upgraded, I felt sad. No longer sad. 🙂

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