On Friday, I was showing off my new iPhone 4, making all of you jealous of my Apple sweetness. I feel I had a right to, being that camped out for six hours to be one of the first to pick it up from the Apple Store.

But then the unthinkable happened. I dropped it! I keep my iPhone in my shirt pocket for accessibility. Friday afternoon, I was outside, I bent over to pick up something from the floor and my iPhone slide out of the pocket, and bounced on the concrete walkway.

When it fell, I didn’t think anything of it. It maybe dropped a foot and a half and I am sure my other phone has dropped a lot worse. But when I picked it up, I noticed the top left corner was chipped off. The glass was chipped! Here is a picture:

iPhone 4 Glass Nick'ed

Here is another:

iPhone 4 Glass Nick'ed

I kind of freaked out. Not only was it chipped, the phone didn’t detect the SIM card. So I turned off and on the phone and the SIM card was again detected, but the chip was there.

My wife asked me what was wrong and when I told her and showed her the damage, she gave me a weird look. You know, the look you get when your man-hood is in question. I then decided to man up and try to let it slide. But it was bothering me the whole weekend.

Then someone I know told me, he dropped his phone, the back shattered and Apple is replacing it for him. So I stopped by the Apple Store yesterday, and they said, they will replace it for me for free.

I got a work authorization and the Apple Store will call me when new iPhones come in. When they come in, they will give me a new one and I’ll give them this one. They said they are doing this for people, since the phone is so new.

Of course, didn’t Apple play up how durable the new screens are? I have owned 3 iPhones prior to this one and I never had an issue with the screen before. I am hearing reports of people cracking iPhone 4s all the time now. I wonder if there is a design flaw or something larger.

In any event, I will make sure to have a case in hand by the time I pick up the new iPhone. It won’t leave the store without a case protecting it.

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  1. andrew

    well give her that face next time she complains her nails chipped or she has nothing to wear
    then she will know how u felt

  2. Ben Cook

    Aw man, that picture makes me sad!

    I totally need to get a phone for mine as I’ve dropped it (thankfully on our wooden floor) a couple of times already.

    I’ve also had the SIM issue without dropping it. I’m not sure if the seating for the card isn’t as snug as the old phones or what, but I never had that happen to me with my 3G. I think it’s happened 4 or 5 times with the 4.

    Anyway, glad to hear Apple’s replacing it for you. That’s something I always appreciate about them.

  3. griffin granberg

    That’s why invisible shield + bumpered my new iPhone 4 right away after buying it. I have to use the bumper though if I want reception while holding it lol

    Glad you are getting a fix to your problem 🙂 //g

  4. Halvorsen

    “My wife asked me what was wrong and when I told her and showed her the damage, she gave me a weird look. You know, the look you get when your man-hood is in question.”

    Haha, do you get that look from her often? 🙂

    And man, that really sucks about the phone.

  5. Barry Schwartz

    Halvorsen, no – first time. 🙂

    Have you seen the way I dress? I couldn’t care less about appearance, which is why this is all weird for me.

  6. Vim

    Bad news Barry, That’s a shame that your iPhone Screen cracked, I’m thinking its a tactical move from Apple, why would they make the screen from glass? Ohhh i know why because when you damage your phone that means you have to buy a new one…but your lucky Barry that your phone is new, Lets hope you don’t drop the phone 3-4 Months down the line.

  7. justin

    I feel your pain. I dropped mine tonight on concrete and it looks exactly like yours now

  8. Linette Poer

    I never been hip to the latest cell phones. But after my daughter hooked me on the iphone and ever since I’ve been preoccupied with learning about them. I can’t wait until the presale for verizon.

  9. Justin B.

    I also feel your pain. I dropped my iPhone 4 on the table and I chipped the bottom of my little rubber bumper but no one can see it because I have a silicone and hard case. I might replace my current phone on friday

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  10. Jared

    I dropped my iPhone about a month ago and physically chipped the black rim on the front of the device. Is this something Apple would still replace?

  11. Ashleigh

    I also dropped my iPhone 4 tonight on the concrete and 3 corners on the front are slightly chipped. I don’t suppose apple would replace this?

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