For anyone who uses Inuit’s products, especially QuickBooks, you would have noticed they had a major outage with their online services yesterday.

It first happened around 9am (EST) yesterday morning. I tried to send online invoices and accept some payments but was unable to due to the outage. At first, I received blank pages that said something like please try again.

Then at around 4pm (EST) I was receiving a much nicer error page, asking users to check out the community blog or follow them on Twitter @intuit. So I followed them to keep track of the status. They did several status updates. Including these final two:

We’re beginning to restore all affected websites & services. Customers already have some access; working nonstop until full restoration.less than a minute ago via web

Outage apparently occurred during routine maintenance. Accidental power failure affected both primary and backup systems.less than a minute ago via web

Good, I thought I was done with it. But then this morning at about 3am (EST), Intuit felt they can send me a spam direct message via Twitter to get me to partake in contest to win a small business grant worth $30,000. No thanks! Those types of things you can Tweet to your followers, but do not DM (direct message) us with that.

Intuit Twitter DM Spam

I am following tons of SEOs, many well-known for pushing the spam envelope. But I never get this stuff from them and don’t expect it from Intuit.

A DM with an apology for the outage would have been nice. but this, less than 12 hours after the major outage? Common Intuit!

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  1. Infonote

    The account was probably hacked. Contact them by email or by telephone. It is a major fail if they did it intentionally.

  2. BH

    The outage hasn’t been totally resolved yet, leaving many small businesses without critical services for 36+ hours and counting. But nice to see they put such priority on the spam generating machine.

  3. 1practicalgal

    That is an auto response that everyone who newly follows @intuit receives. I manage that autoresponse and apologize for not thinking to turn it off during the outage.

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