RustyBrick on iPhone 4 Day at Apple Store Tice's CornerMy writers block was due to all the iPhone madness over the past fews days.

In summary, on Tuesday, 3 of 6 of us who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 found out that the Apple Store did not have our reservations on file. They had us come to the store, with our pre-order confirmation emails and put us on a “managers list.” I was afraid to blog about it then, because I didn’t want to cause even more confusion prior to the iPhone 4 being released.

This morning, I am glad to say we got our iPhone 4s. At around 6am, Suzy from that Apple Store went through the people on the pre-order line. She had us all down on either the normal list or the “manager list.” But there were some people who were not on either list and some of those people were not allowed to get the iPhone via that list. They were moved to the walk-in line, which was 200 people long or so at 6am. So I am glad we took care of our mess on Tuesday.

That being said, you can see some pictures from the lines and at the store at the RustyBrick Blog.

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  1. Vim

    Wow, you got the iPhone, i think I’m going to wait until the next iPhone comes out, The iPhone 4 has so much potential to have more however its been the strategy used is to release a new feature every time a new version comes out.

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