invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 IssueIn preparation for picking up the iPhone 4, I ordered the invisibleSHIELD For iPhone 4. It has been sitting on my desk for about a week, and yesterday, when I got the phone, I placed it on the iPhone 4. Actually, I ordered two, one for me and one for Ronnie, so I did it twice.

I did the step by step instructions but still had a horrible experience.

The top of the shield was placed at the very top of the iPhone. It was perfectly fitted at top, exposing the ear piece and front facing camera. But when I placed the rest of the screen down, the bottom of it was too far. It overlapped on the home button and also ran over the bottom of the iPhone.

We had the issue on both phones. Ronnie tried trimming the excess off.

We both took them home and when resting in our shirt pockets, the bottom of the shield peeled up and became ruined. I tried to fix it but it was a loss cause.

Ronnie even tried to cut it more after that but no success. Here is a picture of how the bottom of the screen was ruined over time:

invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 Issue

As you can see, he cut it, but the shirt pocket stuff got all over the back of the adhesive side of the screen.

That also happened to mine, even without cutting the screen. Why? Cause the screen seemed to be too long.

I got frustrated, so I ripped it off and threw it away. The iPhone 4 is too nice to make it look like that. I want to protect the phone but I don’t want it to take away from its design.

As I write this, I see Danny wrote about iPhone Case options, after falling and buying his iPhone last minute. He is a big fan of the ZAGG brand. I have it for the iPad it is okay. But for the iPhone 4, it simply did not work!

I didn’t mind placing my 3GS, 3G and original iPhone in cases. I went through many iPhone cases.

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  1. graywolf

    It’s easier if you start at the bottom button and work your way up. Also don’t try to stretch it, sometimes it makes things hang off.

    I had a zagg invisishield, on the old iphone, I have one on the ipad, the new one for the iphone is in transit

  2. Jared Barden

    I had a terrible experience with the InvsibleShield for my iPod Touch. Some of it was probably my own fault, but it ended up getting the iPod wet, which set off the sensor, which meant to no replacement when the iPod went bad.

    Fortunately for me, the manager at one of the Apple Stores took pity on me and offered to replace it for free, which was awesome!

  3. Paul Evans

    Simple answer…don’t use one! I’ve not used a case or protector on my 3GS for a year and it’s practically as good as new, always kept it my left trouser pocket on it’s own. The iPhone design is too nice to spoil and the screen protectors I’ve tried on other peoples phones have too much grip and spoil the nice frictionless glide on the glass. Go on…go naked…you know you want to really!

  4. Dukk420

    I recently got an iFrogz case for my iPhone 4 that I really like. However, I wanted a screen protector too. I got the iFrogz screen protectors and they were WAY too thick and the case made the protector scrunch up. So I got the InvisibleShield from ZAGG. But when I got it home I saw that bottle of stuff and decided to wait. I just couldn’t see spraying liquid adhesive on my screen. After reading some of these posts I’m glad I waited. But has anybody had a good experience with the spray stuff and the InvisibleShield?

  5. Mike

    to Dukk420:
    the liquid is actually the stuff that reduce the adhesive nature of the film in order to install it and get rid of the bubbles and imperfections… Don’t think it’s glue or anything, if anything, it’s the opposite. It’s just there to make installation way easier and it doesn’t damage the device in any way. Just make sure your iPhone is turned off before getting liquid anywhere near it.

  6. Jack

    After getting my iPhone 4 I decided to get invisibleSHIELD,as someone who likes to take good care of electronics. I’m really meticulous when it comes to following product instructions,so I followed all the steps carefully. Even with that, invisibleSHEILD ruined my iPhone.It looked really messy,especially around the sides. My friend recomended Gadgetshieldz iPhone 4 protective film. I tried it and I was happy with the results, I installed it with no hassle. And guess what? It was cheaper. If I had known about Gadgetshieldz since I would’ve used it instead of wasting my time trying to install invisibleSHIELD.

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