It is weird saying iPhone 4. I had the original iPhone, it was called the iPhone. I then upgraded the year after to get the iPhone 3G, which makes sense – it supported the AT&T 3G network. Then the year after, I got the iPhone 3GS, so they made is faster, add an S for speed.

This is my fourth iPhone, so technically it makes sense – the iPhone 4. But just sounds weird to me. In any event, I am already looking forward to the iPhone 4G, cause I hate EVO users!

Since I documented unboxings and/or pictures of all my iPhones, I’d figure I do it again. I didn’t do an unboxing this time, so here are just some pictures I took of the iPhone 4 on my desk:

My iPhone 4 My iPhone 4 My iPhone 4 My iPhone 4 My iPhone 4 My iPhone 4

Yes, I bought the dock. I am a docker – many are not.

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