I Got Weeds

I was looking for something to update this blog with and decided to tell the world I have weeds in my mulch. But then I went to Google Images to find a good picture of [weeds] and got something that I should have known I would have seen. Got writers block – sorry.

Just Funny

Woot: Got $100+ Worth of Woot Stuff for $8

On July 12th, I ordered basic Woot Off Lights from Woot because I was bored. I ordered them for $8, including shipping. Today, my shipment arrived and the box was pretty big. I opened it up and found over a $100 worth of stuff. That includes a $99 USB turntable, some toy cars, a shopping


Active iPhone Siddur Users Spike To Almost 1,000

I was checking out the Siddur Map on the iPhone Siddur today and noticed that it was steadily climbing. During the time Israel was using it for Maariv tonight, Tisha B’av, there was close to 1,000 users using it at the same time. I wonder if it will spike up to well beyond that number


Eavesdropping On Typing Sounds

I wish there was a way to eavesdrop on typing. I am on the phone with an AT&T support representative and they are typing “notes” in my account. I can hear the typing loud and clear, but really have no idea what they are trying. I wish there was a way I can decipher the


My Ugly New Plates Arrived!

Last night, 38 days after first ordering them, my new license plates arrived. Yea, they are ugly but I likethem. Honestly, it was a surprise, because when I called to find out the status, I was told it would take a total of 8 weeks. It came after 5 weeks and 4 days. Yea, 1


Vintage Apple Logo Skin For My iPhone 4

Today is an exciting day. Not as exciting as getting the iPhone 4, then dropping it and getting a second one but still exciting. I got my iPhone black bumper today, so I am less concerned about breaking it. But more importantly, I got a skin that turns the back of my iPhone 4 white


Awkward! Driving Behind A Hearse

I was driving back to the office today and I was driving behind a hearse, you know, a car that drives a coffin from one location (often a church) to the cemetery. It felt awkward. There was no body in the back, at least, it didn’t appear to be so. I don’t think it was


Is It Too Much To Ask You To Be ON TIME!

Many people who know me, know that I am obsessed with time. This means, being on time for calls, never being late for meeting and so on. I think it is due to me being crazed for achieving optimal efficiency, which is often helped through computers and a strict routine. So when I speak with