I was checking out the Siddur Map on the iPhone Siddur today and noticed that it was steadily climbing. During the time Israel was using it for Maariv tonight, Tisha B’av, there was close to 1,000 users using it at the same time.

I wonder if it will spike up to well beyond that number tonight?

iPhone Siddur Map

It was spiking up to over 875 at one point, and then I received a phone call and stopped checking. It is now back down to about 600. Maybe it reached 1,000, I am not sure. But maybe it will blow past 1k tonight.

It is so cool to see so many people using this product at once. Most iPhone Apps are use it, get bored of it, never use it again. This app, people use every day, a few times a day! So proud to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, did you know English for Sefard is out?

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