I was driving back to the office today and I was driving behind a hearse, you know, a car that drives a coffin from one location (often a church) to the cemetery. It felt awkward.

There was no body in the back, at least, it didn’t appear to be so. I don’t think it was being used for a transport. 🙂 There would have been cars with lights on, and a long line of cars. It was still a bit awkward.

Casket Car

I see Wikipedia has a picture of a motorcycle hearse. Interesting…

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  1. Brian Mark

    You think that’s bad? My dad works for a funeral home part time and drives one sometimes… or other times he makes a “death run” after someone passes (drives a car to pick them up)… or, worse yet, delivers bodies for cremation. Driving behind a hearse isn’t that bad, now is it?

  2. Julie

    Two weeks ago I was zooming along one of the Houston freeways at about 70 mph. Then a hearse passed me doing about 80. I guess death was in a hurry?

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