EavesdroppingI wish there was a way to eavesdrop on typing.

I am on the phone with an AT&T support representative and they are typing “notes” in my account. I can hear the typing loud and clear, but really have no idea what they are trying.

I wish there was a way I can decipher the typing pattern to figure out what this person is typing.

I always wonder if they mess up the notes and then ruin the ticket history or not.

I tweeted this and received a response that has a good point:

@rustybrick Just like a doctor writing in your chart. What are you writing about me?!less than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac

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  1. Vim

    With a big company like AT&T I’m sure that the work is quality checked and phone calls are monitored, Although it would be great to translate the sound of typing, it would also be great if they tell us what they’ve wrote.

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