Ordering Custom License Plates In New York Takes 8 Weeks

I have been very eager for my new custom New York license plates to arrive. I ordered the plates, RustyCar over 4 weeks ago and they are still not here. The order confirmation email reads: Allow two weeks to receive your registration receipt and window sticker by mail. Your new plates will be mailed separately;

Just Funny

Apple Shipment Humor

I am a funny guy, really funny – incredibly funny. I do a lot of Apple jokes around the office, like every day, several times a day. Let me share the latest one with you. My IM conversation with iMatt: Barry: oh, if u have tracking # for bumpers, can i have it? i have


License Plate Infringement

My brother-in-law spotted this license plate on the road. Not cool. Not cool! Plus, to make matters worse, I still have not received my new RustyCar plates.


Sometimes It Pays To Complain

I am not a complainer. If the food is bad, I normally won’t return it. If the room is a bit dirty, I won’t ask for a new one. If I don’t get something I thought was included, I normally let it slide. But I decided to complain that my upgraded first class flight from