On July 12th, I ordered basic Woot Off Lights from Woot because I was bored. I ordered them for $8, including shipping. Today, my shipment arrived and the box was pretty big.

I opened it up and found over a $100 worth of stuff. That includes a $99 USB turntable, some toy cars, a shopping bag and the Woot-Off lights, of course.

I decided to see why I got them and according to the listing I was a winner cause my order number’s last digit matched the last integer digit of the final Dow Jones Industrial Average at the close of business Monday, July 12, 2010.

Lucky me!

Here are some pictures:

Special Woot Crap Special Woot Crap Special Woot Crap

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  1. Vim

    Lucky you Barry, i have to ask what made you get a woot light, and where you going to place your woot off light? The website states that you received a bag o crap…. i must say that is a good bag o crap.

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