Hope To Never Need Gmail’s Priority Inbox

Last night, Google’s Gmail announced priority inbox. I love the concept and I think it can be incredibly useful. But I hope I never have to use it on a daily basis. As many of you know, I have email OCD. There are fewer people who reply to emails as quickly and efficiently as I

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I Beat The Google Reader Game

Google Reader lets you look at your reader habits on the Google Reader Trends page. Did you know that recently Google Reader began documenting how many items you read in Google Reader over the course of time you have been using Google Reader? Google said, “we now show you your lifetime read item count. That’s

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Digg’s Camaraderie Reminds Me Of 11th Grade

Many of you know what is going on over at Digg now. The users are revolting and posting tons of stories to it, which is kind of a competing site. The revolt is over recent changes to the site, and their top user base is not happy with it. So all the top users


Paying To Store Trash: The Trash Can Purchase

Ever since moving into my home I never wanted to pay for a trash can. The concept of paying for something to store something that you are throwing away, just well – doesn’t necessarily make full sense to me. I know it has to go somewhere but to pay for a container to keep it


Elmer Fudd Ripped Me Off

Last week I tweeted, “Elmer Fudd just ripped me off!” and I never followed up on that. I have to tell you, I was angry. I don’t often get angry, but I feel like Elmer Fudd ripped me off! Why “Elmer Fudd”? Well, that is the name that came to mind when I had a


Mail Men Should Make Commissions On Check Deliveries

I was thinking random thoughts on the way to pick up the mail from the mailbox yesterday. Affiliates make money for delivering money to their merchants. Why shouldn’t the mail man make money for delivering money to his/her customers? What if all the mail man took 1% of all the checks they delivered? They would


Addicted To Airline Miles

The more I fly, the more I become a slave to those airline miles. The programs the airlines design to keep their most important customers, loyal customers is working on me. I fly Continental and I keep flying them and only them just so I can retain my Elite Status, which I earned in 2008.


Why I Tend Not To Blog Here During Conferences

Often when I attend conference I leave this blog somewhat empty. If I do end up writing something, it is often short. So why do I not blog here much during conferences? (1) I spend my days at conference blogging. It is search specific blogging, so I write about SEO stuff, but it is blogging.

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SphinnCon Israel Returning To Jerusalem

I am extremely happy to have announced the return of SphinnCon Israel in 2011 to Jerusalem! This year, we are having it at the Inbal Hotel, one of my favorite hotels in Jerusalem. I have already launched the registration form and we are offering an early bird discount of $75. I will make one recommendation.