Gross glamour of a baby's lifeSaturday night, I found myself covered in baby throw up.

Well, not sure if she is still a baby, it has been 458 days (or 15 months). So I had “toddler” throw up on me Saturday night.

I was covered.

It would have been funny if it happened to someone else, but it happened to me.

We both survived and we are both doing well. Thanks for your concern.

I am sure many parents can relate.

Oh, how awesome is that picture? Click on it to read the story on Flickr.

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  1. atldrew

    Oh man, I can feel your pain! (19mo old) And, no at 15 months that is no longer baby puke! That is solid food puke! ewwww! Once they get on solid food the whole game changes (from changing diapers to spitting up).
    I hope everything is okay.

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