Don’t know if I ever told my blog readers this, but I am a Chris Farley fan.

Something about funny fat people that I like.

Spotted this image via Google Images via to share:


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  1. Adrienne Bevington

    I loved Chris Farley,everything about him.I didn’t care how big he was,although it sure as hell screwed his health up.I loved his personality,his crazy antics,everything.And there was a good heart that beat within him.He hurt like any other human being but covered it up by being nuts,instead of being cruel and hateful.He was always willing to make someone laugh,even at his own expense.You know it had to hurt him,and it is true he really screwed up.But honestly,who doesn’t? He just couldn’t fix this mistake…I hope he is somewhere floating around,making someone laugh.I believe there is a Heaven,and that God is laughing like crazy while Chris is ruining yet another jacket.

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