I am extremely happy to have announced the return of SphinnCon Israel in 2011 to Jerusalem!

This year, we are having it at the Inbal Hotel, one of my favorite hotels in Jerusalem.

I have already launched the registration form and we are offering an early bird discount of $75.

I will make one recommendation. Even if you have a small chance of going, register now. For $75, you don’t want to miss this event by registering too late. If you happen to not be able to attend when the event comes up, worse thing you are out is $75. But if you are able to attend and you are locked out of registering due to it being sold out, which historically has always been the case for many, you will be mad at me.

I cannot make more seats. I can beg you to register early so you don’t make the same mistake so many have in the past.

Please register now, please.

Here is a big banner ad:

SphinnCon israel 2011 Banner

We do currently have 5 sponsors, I will write about them later. Sponsors make the $75 possible. So thank you.

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