Jimmy Buffett ConcertOften when I attend conference I leave this blog somewhat empty. If I do end up writing something, it is often short.

So why do I not blog here much during conferences?

(1) I spend my days at conference blogging. It is search specific blogging, so I write about SEO stuff, but it is blogging. I blog prior to the session coverage, I blog live session coverage and then I blog recaps of them and in addition, I blog news during the day. So blogging for fun those days are not fun.

(2) Connectivity stinks. I have a Verizon MiFi and to be honest, my AT&T iPhone has more reliable connectivity. Sad but true. The MiFi constantly drops connection. So blogging from the hotel room, with a connection that constantly goes up and down, is frustrating.

(3) Less time. Between attending the conference, blogging in the AM and PM prior and after the sessions and between running the business, there is so little time. At least when I am at work, I do have more time, but going to a conference all day takes up too much time.

Those are some of the reasons the blog was empty last week.

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