I write about search a lot. But as a consumer of search, I often don’t appreciate it as I should. Last night, I was really happy.

The other day I picked up a lulav and esrog for the Sukkots holiday that begins tonight.

Last night, I wanted to tie the lulav holder to the lulav. The thing is, this year, for the first time, I wasn’t given lulav rings. Lulav rings are rings used to tie the lulav holder to the lulav, but it is made out of the lulav branches. With me? Anyway, I didn’t know they were called lulav rings, so I searched for lulav tie on my iPhone using Google.

Up came a video result, which I clicked on, watched on YouTube and became an expert immediately on how to make lulav rings.

It was one of those experiences, like on The Matrix where they downloaded information into the person and they knew how to do a new task. Such as flying a plane or learning a form of karate in seconds. Making a Lulav ring isn’t as complex as flying a plane, but you get my point.

Search is great!

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