SEO Tips

YouTube’s New Subscribe Widget

Looks like you can now place a YouTube subscribe button on your web site and let people subscribe to your YouTube channel without them having to go to YouTube at all. Here is my button: I assume you need to be logged into your Google account for this to work – give it a try

Just Funny

My New T-Shirt: Stone Cold Dunkin’

A week or so ago, I saw a t-shirt on Woot Shirt that I had to have. Last night, I wore it for the first time while playing basketball. Here is a picture of the shirt: I love donuts or I donut donuts 🙂 Either way! Why did I wear it to basketball? Well, any


Applied For Continental Presidential Plus Credit Card

I travel pretty often. So I was very into having an American Express Platinum card for the travel perks. Especially for the access to the Continental Presidents Club lounges and points to mile transfer. As I told you in the past, I was planning on leaving AMEX for Continental Card because American Express and Continental


Clean Draw & Closet

As some of you know, I tend to be very neat and orderly. I don’t tend to leave things out and about. But if you ever look in my drawers or closets, you will find a bit of a mess. It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t pretty. My wife has been bugging me to clean

Just Funny

My Biggest Emotional Reaction Ever

I was at SES Chicago most of the week doing the coverage stuff and I got back late last night. This morning, I got to work at 7am, which is normal time, ready to start catching up on work. Typically when I arrive to my desk after a few days away, I find bills, checks,


I Got A Gift For Boss’s Day, Really

One of our newish coders here at RustyBrick came back with ice cream from Friendly’s around lunch time. He gave it to Ronnie and myself and said, Happy National Boss Day. Yes, it is Boss’s Day today, I had no idea. Here is a picture: Wife, I turned it down…


EFTPS Spam Getting Ridiculous

EFTPS is the way most businesses and many personal people pay all their federal taxes electronically. As a business owner, I think you have to pay taxes this way, at least for payroll taxes and some other frequent taxes. It also makes my life easier – because in the old days, I had to go


Apple To Fix My Display

As some of you know, the inside of my Apple Display is bent somehow. Yesterday, my wife, kid and I all went to the Apple Store (my kid’s first time being in an Apple Store) to show the Apple Geniuses the issue. Yes, I scheduled an appointment before going. The genius guy looked at it


My Apple Cinema Display Is Bending Internally

While I was away at the SMX East event, Jimmy was sitting at my desk using my stuff. He was there because construction was happening in our office expansion plans. While he was using my computer, he noticed something that I never noticed… My new Apple Display was bending from within. I am not kidding.