In the walk in closet...Kendall got a new dress from Chris and JanelleAs some of you know, I tend to be very neat and orderly. I don’t tend to leave things out and about.

But if you ever look in my drawers or closets, you will find a bit of a mess. It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t pretty.

My wife has been bugging me to clean out my closet for a while – well, we share one and it is pretty small. I don’t dress well, so my clothing selection doesn’t really matter to me. I blindly select at random clothing to where for that day at 5:30am and don’t look back, nor in a mirror. When I come home, my wife shakes her head at me. So closets and what are in there, are not that important to me.

But like I said, I do not own the closet, my wife does. So she wants it in order. Yesterday she cleaned it out for me. And I got to tell you, it looks good.

I did my part by cleaning out my nightstand drawer. Things collect, no idea how they do, but they do and make it hard to open and close the small drawer. So now I can open and close it.

How about that!

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