While I was away at the SMX East event, Jimmy was sitting at my desk using my stuff. He was there because construction was happening in our office expansion plans.

While he was using my computer, he noticed something that I never noticed… My new Apple Display was bending from within. I am not kidding. If you look at the right side of the monitor, it seems to be warping internally.

Here are pictures from an iPhone 4 and a Canon SD1000 camera:

First picture I mocked up and drew a straight line down, so you can see how it starts to warp…

Apple Display Warping Apple Display Warping? Apple Display Warping? Apple Display Warping

Crazy? I’ll see about my warranty on this display.

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  1. Adam Humphreys

    That’s crazy! I haven’t seen a monitor do anything like that since the CRT days. I sure hope they cover it because usually the warranty is only 1 year

  2. Diane Vigil

    Saw a link to this posted on Facebook.

    Is it possible that you need new video card drivers?

    I have a gigantic monitor (PC), and every once in a while the display gets a little weird. Strange shadows on warm colors, or what looks like dead pixels.

    Then I go for the new drivers (at the site of my video card maker), install them, and -presto!- all the monitor weirdness goes away.

    Anyway, it’s a thought.

  3. Vim

    Warping displays that’s crazy, its like its melted from the inside, well i hope that they fix your screen for you, because that type of stuff should not happen to products that is money well spent!

  4. blaising

    Have the exact same problem (early ’09 23″ CD). Took it in to Apple store. they removed the glass to check it out. Told me it needed a new LCD (LED?) panel and that would cost me $631. Because it was beyond warranty, they suggested I just live with it.

    Next day called AppleCare about it. Because I purchased my display slightly beyond the 30 day grace period allowed by Apple after i purchased my MBP 15, they couldn’t cover it.

    BTW, my dark streak/warp now shows light beyond the dark part – like you can see between the edge of the panel and the housing.

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