Red Bull Cans Invade My OfficeI was at SES Chicago most of the week doing the coverage stuff and I got back late last night. This morning, I got to work at 7am, which is normal time, ready to start catching up on work.

Typically when I arrive to my desk after a few days away, I find bills, checks, and packages I need to take care of. This time, I found my desk and floor covered in empty red bull cans! Jimmy posted the details at the RustyBrick Blog.

Below is a video of them setting up the room, speed up. Also you will find my priceless reaction. If you know me, you may think this is one of the biggest emotional responses you have seen on my face ever. Those who don’t know me will think I am drugged a bit.

Note: There is black for several sections:

For more pictures and comments, see Arriving To An Office Filled With Red Bull

I should note that this office has a history with Red Bull. Jimmy built a wall of Red Bull cans which resulted in us getting tons of free Red Bull delivered by Red Bull girls in a Red Bull car.

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  1. IsraelBro

    Good to see that ur finally getting in touch with your emotions.
    I think we need to tap 😉

  2. Vim

    Lol that’s awesome, a lot of the time in your office must be spent going to the toilet, but your reaction is the most laid back reaction ever, was that even a reaction lol?

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