My Flickr Sets Keep Disappearing

I am a big Flickr user for both professional and personal use. For some pictures, mostly personal, I use Flickr sets, so I can group them together and send out a link to my family, so they can access the private pictures. Normally, I’ll upload the pictures, place them in a set and then email


Replaced My AMEX With Chase Continental Card

A month ago, I applied for the Chase Continental Presidents Plus card. I got the cards this week and already moved all my known spending to this card. I will soon be free of American Express. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind AMEX, they have been good to me. But I am leaving AMEX


My “Naked Parts” Courtesy of Airport Security

Past few weeks, I have been in a bunch of airports. Some of them had the new “Millimeter wave scanner” body scanners. If you have been reading the news this week, you would have noticed lots of complaints about them. Well, I went through at least one in the past week or two and I

SEO Tips

Bad Spelling = Good Spelling

Yesterday, I wrote a brief story on Google’s new service named Hotpot. The thing is, when I posted on it, I thought it was “Hotspot” and not “Hotpot.” Dumb, lazy mistake – I attributed it to not feeling well. @patrickaltoft called me out on it and I fixed it minutes later. But within that time


Dead Blog

Sorry for not updating this blog in a week or so. Past two weeks I have been traveling. This Monday, I got sick. Now feeling a bit better. I’ll get back into the swing of things. I have been tweeting, so you can follow that at @rustybrick.

Just Interesting

Daylight Saving Time : Where Did It Come From?

Sunday at 2am the U.S. moved their clocks back. Any parent knows that their kids don’t move their clock backs simply because it is a rule. I wondered where it came from, why do we have daylight saving time (DST) and does everyone observe it? Wikipedia, of course, has good information on all of this.


At Gate Change Fees: Borderline Theft

Yesterday, I was on the way back from the BlueGlass Conference from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL). I happen to walk into the lounge and ask, are there any flights going back to Newark before the one I was on. I was at the lounge, through security at about 2:20. The Continental rep said there is


Winter 2010/2011 Is Coming

This weekend I spent some time putting away the out door items for the upcoming Winter. What does that mean? Well… I shut off out side water valves Bring in any water hoses Drain those outdoor water spouts Bring in outdoor furniture (deck/patio table and chairs) Staked in the driveway reflectors for upcoming snow plows