Falling Short Of Airline Elite Status As A Frequent Flyer

As someone who travels a nice amount (not weekly but monthly) on airlines not having a level of “Elite Access” on your airline can seriously stink. I’ve actually written about how Continental treats elite customers versus non elite customers differently. It was upsetting but it taught me to play the game and stick with an

Just Weird

Crazy Birds In The Snow

Look at all these birds. Some on the snow on the ground, some in the trees… Aren’t they suppose to fly south? They all, at once, flew to this area, then two minutes later left. Yea, we have a ton of snow here now. So far, I am the only one who made it to


Can’t Buy a Nexus S Unlocked Online (Updated)

So this morning, the Nexus S started sales at 8am at Best Buy stores and online. I tried to buy it unlocked online but you can’t. It is not available under the no contracts phones to choose from. You can only buy it with a contract currently. So I bought it with a contract and


My Israel Cell Phone & Wireless Data Plans For 2011

SphinnCon Israel is 25 days away now and I’ll be in Israel in less than 25 days. This will be the largest SphinnCon ever and I believe the largest search conference in Israel ever – so it is exciting. But whenever I travel internationally, I get nervous about being connected – mostly data connected. Israel


Finally Got Professional Head Shots

Get them while they are hot. Make them your desktop’s background image. Use them for your website’s favicons! Okay, maybe not. For the seven years I have covered search, I never was able to provide press, media, conferences, and so on – a professional headshot of myself. I often gave them a picture of myself


Scary Flight Experience

I fly a nice amount per year. I am accustomed to the normal and sometimes very significant drops caused by turbulence. But I never experienced what I am about to tell you in my hundreds of thousands of miles flown on a plane. I was flying on a clear day, the skys were clear, the