Plane Oxygen MaskI fly a nice amount per year. I am accustomed to the normal and sometimes very significant drops caused by turbulence. But I never experienced what I am about to tell you in my hundreds of thousands of miles flown on a plane.

I was flying on a clear day, the skys were clear, the flight was smooth. Then all of a sudden the plane starts to speed up and head down, fast. It was like we were starting our descent, but like the pilot forgot to start earlier and was doing a much quicker descent. It didn’t make much sense, but the flight attendant didn’t seem to notice and nothing was announced, so I let it slide.

Soon after, the flight attendant received a call from the pilot. His face gave off the impression like he was all of a sudden nervous and anxious. He immediately went to his seat and buckled himself in. He then sat there for a bit and looked around.

He noticed two babies were on board and decided to go talk to them. He pretty quickly walked over to both mother’s with their babies, individually and said something to them. I overheard what he said to the first.

He said, if the oxygen masks come down, you first and then the baby. He repeated, “you first and then the baby.”

He then quickly went back to his seat, sat down, buckled in. 10 seconds later, he opened up a special compartment. It had his oxygen mask ready to go, so he prepped it.

We continued or descent for what felt like forever.

Thankfully, when we reach the clouds, the pilot began to level off. Soon after the flight attendant got another call from the pilot. I saw an immediate sign of relief on the flight attendant’s face. He got back up and went to his business.

No one made any announcements, no one told us anything after we got off the flight.

We just flew at that altitude for the remainder of the flight. Heck, we even landed 15 minutes early.

When we landed, I saw fire trucks near the run way. Turned out, they were for us. They came on to the plane to question the pilot and then left after 2 minutes of questions.

Again, no idea what happened, no one told us. Not sure if I really want to know.

But from speaking to others, it seems like the best possible answer was the plane’s air compressor went bad. So we had to quickly go down to an altitude with good oxygen levels so the people on the plane can breath. If not, the air masks would have come down to provide us with air we can breath.

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  1. Anthony Wakefield

    That’s terrible that didn’t tell anyone anything. Gross Negligence lawsuit anyone? I know Qantas & Air New Zealand would be right on board informing people. Man… that is seriously wrong!

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