I'm a Deer!On the way to work this morning, I witnessed a car drive into a deer. Well, I didn’t see the actual hit, but I did see a car slam on its breaks and a deer fall to the ground in front of the car.

It was very upsetting.

It didn’t look like the car was going full speed. So I hope the deer wasn’t too badly hurt. The car didn’t look to be in bad shape. And as you know, if you live in this area, hitting a deer can make some serious damage to your car and potentially kill the deer.

In fact, I know of cars completely totaled and the deer walking away from it.

But this car seemed to not have been damaged much, but the deer was on the floor shaken up.

It was very sad – I do hope the deer did come off okay.

I never hit a deer yet, but chances are, where I live, I am bound to hit one. I almost did once, but I reacted fast enough.

The ironic part is that I should have been at LGA airport at the time, but since they are having ice storms at the destination (Kansas City), I am here.

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