Just Weird

Phone Survey People Are Liars!

A couple hours ago I received a call to take a phone interview about the costs of health insurance. I didn’t have time to be polled, I was pretty busy at the time. The nice sounding lady said the interview would “only take about a few minutes…” I was in a rush, so I said,


Weird: A Verizon iPhone

So one of the guys at RustyBrick was crazy enough to wait ~3 years for the iPhone to come to Verizon. And he got his last night. He showed it to me and it was really weird to see “Verizon” at the top left of the phone. So weird. I’ve travelled with the iPhone and


Continental Recommending British Airways Credit Card

I hate it, absolutely hate it, when I see company partners not supporting the brands they partner with. It seems under handed and downright wrong! That is what happened when I reached out to Chase on the Continental credit card. As you know, I left AMEX for Continental’s credit card because the AMEX/Continental partnership ended.


Need Quality Support From Verizon? Try Twitter

Last week I began having major issues with my beloved Verizon FiOS. I was so sad, my FiOS internet, which has been incredibly reliable and super fast was failing me. At first I thought it was DNS related. Web sites and emails would not load or send and then on second or third try it