British-Airways-Credit-CardI hate it, absolutely hate it, when I see company partners not supporting the brands they partner with. It seems under handed and downright wrong!

That is what happened when I reached out to Chase on the Continental credit card.

As you know, I left AMEX for Continental’s credit card because the AMEX/Continental partnership ended. But when I used my Continental Credit Card last month in Israel, I was hit with tons of foreign transaction fees.

So I decided to politely email Chase to tell them what changes I would like to see in the future, so the card is more on the same playing field as the AMEX I had, which costs about the same. I emailed those suggestions to Chase and received a response recommending I switch from the Continental card to the British Airways card!

Can you believe it! A Continental Partner stabbing them in the back! I don’t want to switch, Continental is my airline. What I do want is them to say they will pass my feedback to the right people. Let me quote the email sent to me by Chase:

While I am unable to suppress foreign transaction fees from being assessed on your Continental Mastercard, I would like to offer the British Airways card as an alternative, which does not carry a foreign transaction fee. Although the option to switch to the British Airways card is not available, you may apply for this account on
our website at

For real?

So I forwarded this email to Continental a week ago and said:

I am not sure where this should go. But I suspect the folks at Continental would love to know this.

In short, I had some suggestions for the Continental President’s Club, which you can see below. Chase, the ones who manage your credit card, replied saying I should get the British Airways credit card.

I’d thought you would want to know your credit card partner is recommending other competing airline credit cards to your loyal customers.

Again, all I want is for them to consider my suggestions of:

(1) Shortening the wait time for calling the 800# on the card for “Presidents Card” holders.

(2) Be flexible with pausing a credit card when you travel overseas, this is an international credit card designed for airline use.

(3) Drop the Foreign Transaction Fees, like I said, it is an international credit card designed for travel.

So in response, Chase tells me to go with the British Airways card.

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