115/365 - Old News PaperSo I write about search topics, mostly Google stuff. My friends, co-workers, and family all know it.

So when an article from the NY Times named Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets is published, I likely know about it before you tell me.

I received several e-mail forwards about this article from friends and family. I am thinking to myself, “you seriously think I haven’t seen it?” And yes, this is 24+ hours after the article was published.

In fact, I knew this article was coming out. The NY Times reporter asked me a few questions towards the article, stuff he cited (but did not credit – it’s okay) in the article as past examples of Google penalties.

In any event, I always find it interesting to get forwards from people on important stories related to the industry I cover. I mean, do they think… “Barry would love to see this, I have to send this to him now!” Do they think, “wait, if it was published in the NY Times, he probably has seen it.”

It is not like they are asking my take on the story. They just want to make sure I saw it.

You see, I am a thankless, heartless guy who has no appreciation for people looking out for me.

I think it is about my email OCD.

In any event, for a good recap of the story and news surrounding it, see Techmeme.

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