verizon twitterLast week I began having major issues with my beloved Verizon FiOS. I was so sad, my FiOS internet, which has been incredibly reliable and super fast was failing me.

At first I thought it was DNS related. Web sites and emails would not load or send and then on second or third try it would work. I thought it would fix it self over the day but it did not. So about 24 hours after the issues persisted, I decided to call for support. As you know, I don’t like hold times with Verizon support but I ended up speaking with a nice guy.

Thing is, although he was nice, he couldn’t do a thing to help me. So I decided, it has to be DNS related, I’ll wait another bulk of time, and let it see if it fixes itself. It did not.

That is when I took it to Twitter. I tweeted:

@verizonsupport having major issues, i think DNS related… Love you 99.999% of the time…less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Guess what? I received a reply from someone at the Verizon Twitter team and they bent over backwards to get everything working. It took a few things but ultimately he was able to get an engineer to “rebuild my profile” at the OCT or something like that.

I was really impressed that the Twitter support was way more helpful than phone support.

But in hindsight, it does make sense.

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