Chase Continental Card

In January I was really upset to learn my Chase Continental Card had foreign transaction fees. I replaced my AMEX with the Chase Continental card due to their partnership ending and was hoping to find a card that replicated those perks to the max.

So when I went to Israel and noticed dozens of foreign transaction fees on my card, something that was ‘foreign’ to me because I have been spoiled with my American Express card, I was upset.

So I decided to give Chase some ideas on how to improve the benefits of the card, to put it more on the same level of the AMEX. But when I did that, Chase, Continental’s partner, recommended I use British Airways credit card.

As you can imagine, I was even more upset now. So I forwarded this suggestion to Continental, who after a few weeks replied to me that they will send my email to the right people at Continental.

I guess it worked because I received an email from Chase today that there will no longer be foreign transaction fees! I am so happy, this was one of the biggest draw backs to the card for me – being that I put the SphinnCon conference costs on my credit card and getting charged 3% on top of those costs, well, that is just wild!

Chase emailed:

Designed from its inception to provide unparalleled travel benefits, your Presidential PlusSM Business Card has now been further enhanced.

As of February 15, 2011, you will no longer be charged foreign transaction fees. That means that you’ll now save 3% on all international purchases made using your Presidential Plus Business Card.

This exciting new benefit is sure to make your international travel experience even more enjoyable. Best of all, you needn’t do anything to take advantage of it – the change will automatically take effect on February 15, 2011.

I doubt they will give me any credit for my charges in January, but that is okay with me. They listened and did what is best for their Continental customers. Very happy!

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