Motor Vehicle

Google Saved My Rusty-Car From Being Towed

Yesterday, I was at a meeting and I received a call and a bunch of text messages from my office telling me my car would be towed if I don’t move it now. What happened was, I arrived at the office building, the parking lot was like a zoo. I found a spot, but apparently

Just Funny

I Had An Identical Twin On Purim

Yesterday was the Jewish holiday of Purim. Part of the tradition is to dress up in costumes and be happy. In any event, I ended up having an identical twin on Purim. One of the teenagers in my synagogue/shul dressed up as me. Here is a picture: But don’t I already have a twin? I


Goodbye My Facebook Friends: Don’t Take It Personally

I have just defriended most of my friends on Facebook. I was at about 2,000 friends and now I am down to about 750 friends. I tried to use the rule, do I remember meeting you at least once in person, in real life. If so, then I left you as a friend. But if


I Forgot How Much I Hate Kosher Travel Meals

Last week I spent most of the work week in San Jose, California for SMX West. Normally, I’d pack frozen chicken and meals and pop them in a fridge when I get to the hotel. I wrote a whole thing about


Goodbye Verizon MiFi, Hello AT&T iPhone Hotspot

I’ve owned and tried to use a Verizon MiFi for 16 months and 18 days now and today is the last time I try to use it. I have consistently had issues with this wireless data device. I rarely had issues when I didn’t need it. But I always had issues when I needed it,


Selling My Computer: On Craigslist

So I bought the new one and erased the old one and now I am selling it. I posted it on craigstlist over here. We will see if I get any bites. Spec: I bought this MacBook late 2008 as new, still has Apple Care. It is Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) 2.8GHz 4GB


Erasing My Computer!

The picture above is a picture I took of my old computer via my iPhone. I am erasing the whole thing. I picked the 7 pass method, as per Wesley’s suggestions, and it will take about an hour for each pass. So I am erasing the computer completely seven times, I guess. I got my


Now I’ve Got A Facebook Impersonator

So it seems I have yet another impersonator! This time on Facebook! Yea, not the first time, I’ve been impersonated on Twitter also… Anyway, the impersonator is at His name is George Aris and lives in Athens, Greece. He likes the band U2, likes a TV show named “Peep Show” and has 22 friends