I have just defriended most of my friends on Facebook. I was at about 2,000 friends and now I am down to about 750 friends.

I tried to use the rule, do I remember meeting you at least once in person, in real life. If so, then I left you as a friend.

But if I defriended you and I shouldn’t have, please add me as a friend again and I will review it more carefully.

Note: I always accepted friend requests on Facebook. I will now screen all friends prior to accepting or rejecting requests.

That being said, let me show you some of the friends I defriended.

The Porn Stars:

Defriending Facebook Friends

SEO Companies:

Defriending Facebook Friends

Outsource To India:

Defriending Facebook Friends

What’s Your Name:

Defriending Facebook Friends

Swim Suit:

Defriending Facebook Friends

I got the best friends ever!

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  1. Barry Schwartz

    Well, I am in the news distribution biz. 😉

    So distributing news to as many people as possible is ideal. Thus having lots of FB friends helps push out news.

  2. CPC_Andrew

    Porn stars are like infomercials, they always looks better on TV.

    On a serious note I did the same the other day. It was extremely liberating.

  3. Jim

    Yeah I’ve been playing enough of the Zynga style games to know that Facebook’s claim of 600,000,000 members is vastly inflated.

  4. Adam Humphreys

    Maybe the porn star was a connector lol.. Man I had like 5 of those porn type requests and they targeted SEO’s because that’s who they had in common for friends. The reality is it’s probably a guy.

  5. gabs

    FB is an odd one really.. I use it just to share photo and vid’s with my close friends..

    I never met you barry and yep you have removed me but at no point have I ever used FB to contact u or any seo… I just don’t use it for that..

  6. Tomasz Michelszewski

    Wouldn’t it help to have more “friends” on Facebook since that means more will see and maybe click on your links?

    I mean, unless you are using Facebook to strictly keep things personal with family and the three close friends to start with; why not use it to it’s fullest?

    Honestly, no point in having one at all then.

    Because if you only communicate with friends, you obviously communicate with them outside of Facebook. No need.

    But to reach acquaintances, it’s perfect.

    My opinion is that Facebook was always best for acquaintances as we already know our friends, see their pics, etc.

    Pointless to limit your reach.

    Comes off arrogant and odd considering you should want to reach more folks.

    The fact you actually wrote for someone you deleted to apply again and you would “review” them like it’s a court case is nauseating.

    Ive no clue of a rusty brick but pompous ass has a better ring.

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